LEGO® Monster Fighters Logo Icon Design

Monster Fighters is a theme introduced in May 2012. To date, ten sets have been released. Seven of the sets contain at least one Moonstone, and in the background story, the monsters attempt to collect them to unleash doom on the Earth by eclipsing the Sun forever, allowing the land of monsters into the minifigure’s realm. The stones are based on the monster contained in its respective set. A band of Monster Fighters, led by Dr. Rodney Rathbone, tries to find the stones before the evil Lord Vampyre uses them to eclipse the sun forever.

Text and images

The sets were designed by all the super talented model designers within this design team. Working closely with the marketing team, design lead and element designers we created products materializing the vision and direction of the creative directors.

I worked on the Character Designs in the form of LEGO Minifigures from the concept stage of the drawing to the final design for production in vector graphics. Decorations for LEGO sets in the form of printed elements and sticker sheets. An important part of the process is a collaboration with the print production and optimising designs to adhere to printing limitations along the way while maintaining the current LEGO brand design language. Keeping organized asset libraries and guides for your team is an essential part of being in the design team.

There were more character graphic designers on this theme and I have worked on the icons for the Moonstones for each monster for this theme.

Preview of the monster castle full set where the icons and the moon decoration were used.

Detail of the set elements with icon prints

Preview of the awesome characters designed by another character designer with the icon logo prints for the moonstones I have worked on.

Detail how it was used later in 3D

Another set with the moonstones used in the swamp.

Werewolf icon with he minifigures again designed by other super cool members of the team.


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