Drawn to Travels Website

Drawn to travels is a travel blog and travel resources website. This website is full of tips and tricks how to travel more efficiently, save money and still have the full fun experience. Travel photography is refreshed with travel diary doodles related to the trip. In addition to travel itineraries, you can find recommended books and guides for travel presented in the illustrated form. For more check out the website Drawntotravels.com

The main website illustrated header with travel icons and website signature color scheme.

Website header detail of illustration doodles.

Website preview.


Each blog post has illustrated images with the doodles on top of the photographs and at the end recommended travel guide, which you can buy.

Travel destinations are split into a selection of the countries in the drop-down menu. Here you can read more about the selected place in the blog post.

Subpages and selection pages.

Resource pages with illustrated products with the description and with links to products on Amazon.

Illustrated travel guides and books as subpages with links to products on Amazon.

Examples of the illustrated photography