Hi there, thank you for stopping by!

My name is Iva, welcome to my online portfolio! If you are wondering, Iva is pronounced: ee-v-uh and the website name Ivka is actually a nickname from Iva, pronounced: ee-v-k-uh. I get this question a lot 🙂

I love art, design and everything creative around me. I try to live a life full of colors, inspiration, happiness, and friendships.

I work as an Art Director, Visual Identity Branding and Graphical communication specialist with the focus on Concept development, Character design, Layouts, Illustration and Digital painting.

Other Specialties: Design research, Project management, Photography, Photo editing.

I am the founder and host of Art Side of Life, the YouTube show, and Podcast where I interview inspiring artists and create various art related videos!

My goal is to never stop improving and I always enjoy learning new things!

I love sports, nature, music, fun activities with friends, photography and good coffee. I always travel and go around with my sketchbook. I am always fascinated and drawn to colors or design, whether it is old house facade, restaurant decoration, flower bed or food arrangement. Therefore you will find a lot of colors and sketches from my trips in my artworks or social media posts. I always try to bring new inspiration from my travels to stories and concepts I create.

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